I am an insane collector of guitars with a, seemingly, incurable case of, what is known amongst fellow sufferers as GAS – or “gear acquisition syndrome!” At the peak of this madness, I had over 30 guitars – electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Many of them were not played (too expensive to risk it) just kept under the bed and carefully “looked at” every few months. Since those heady days, sanity (loosely defined) has returned and my collection now stands at an extremely modest 11 – well 12 if you include Jenny’s gigging Taylor. 13 really, if you add her Telecaster and, I suppose 14 if you include the lap steel but that really doesn’t count! And don’t get me started on mandolins, ukuleles and so forth. Let’s be sensible! BUT….all of the guitars are in use for recording and gigging duties. Still, I’m always on the lookout for bright shiny things – well, it would be rude not to augment the collection regularly – and also weed out those axes which aren’t pulling their weight – in order to make room for new acquisitions. And so it goes – round and round, one out, another in! I have an obsessive attachment to eBay, not to mention an unhealthy interest in the junk mail from all the big guitar stores which regularly attempts to draw me in. I recently sold a 2014 Les Paul – it was a lovely guitar but very much in the get-it-out-and-have-a-look-at-it-once-in-a-while category – and bought a rather wonderful Cadillac Green Gretsch Broadkaster! I shall write a blog on this, as it is my current fave. I never make any money, buying and selling – the reverse in fact! Still, it keeps me off the streets (mainly). I thought you’d never ask – here’s a list of the current collection:
Levinson Blade RH4 2006 Versatile. Great for recording. I used to use this all the time but recently, not so much.
Fender Stratocaster Deluxe 2000 Got this off a mate to settle a deal. Very “Stratty”
Fender Baja Telecaster 2017 One of the new Teles. Needed for country twang stuff. Great!
Gordon Smith T-Model Dunno Off EBay. It’s green!
PRS SE Bernie Marsden (Sunburst) 2013 Fab for an SE – nearly as good as a Les Paul. Used almost exclusively for gigging. Jenny (my partner) and I know Bernie, who’s a local celeb. She got this from him for a Xmas pressie
PRS SE Bernie Marsden (Black) 2014 So good, I got another! Same deal the following year. This one I have changed the stock pups to Gibsons and it makes a great recording guitar
PRS Chris Robertson 2018 Totally different sounds from the Bernie Marsden PRSs.Jazzy and warm but rocks too!
Gretsch Broadkaster 2017 Soooooooooooooooo good! OMG
Fender American Special Telecaster 2018 Jen’s
Warwick Bass 2013 Bought off Jen’s ex hubby. We all get along. It’s great!
Martin HD35 2004 Up market acoustic. Bought for me by a previous wife. A bit battered but lovely (the guitar not the ex).
Taylor 614ce 2006 Near top-of-the-range Taylor. Has been used A LOT
Epiphone ‘The Mandolin’ 2016 Mainly used for gigging but whipped out for recording from time to time
Fender Mandolin 2014 I like mandolins. But not too many
Ukulele – unknown provenance 2010 A present. Used occasionally. I have to look up uke chords on the internet whenever I use it because I forget.
A banjo Very old Bought for 50 quid for a recording project
Revelation Lap Steel 2014 Bought in Brighton. I got very enthusiastic